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First RAstaNEWS Conference


On January 14th, ISPI hosted the First RAstaNEWS Conference.

More Europe: Letting the Euro Work at Full Speed” (watch the video of the Conference) was attended, among other distinguished speakers, by the Italian Minister of Economy and Finances, Fabrizio Saccomanni, and by the Vice President of the European Central Bank, Vítor Constâncio. Chair of the Conference was Tony Barber, Europe editor at the Financial Times. The full list of speakers at the Conference can be found here.

Main topic of the Conference was the acknowledgment of the fragility of the common currency construction - finally exposed during the European debt crisis -, both from an economic and a political point of view. The speakers at the Conference discussed the state of the European recovery, and the political steps that have been taken in order to address the original drawbacks of the institutional framework of the common currency (e.g., the ESM, the permanent bailout fund; the SSM and SRM, different elements of the nascent banking union) and new proposals to let the euro achieve its full potential (e.g., elements of a fiscal capacity for the EU).


Before the Conference:

  • Vítor Constâncio told us about the main measures adopted by the ECB in the face of the crisis;
  • Rolf Strauch, responsible for Economics and Policy Strategy at the ESM, listed factors that let Spain succesfully exit its financial assistance programme;
  • Lucio Pench, Director of Fiscal Policy at the DG ECFIN, told us about the EU Commission role to cope with austerity measures and macroeconomic divergence.

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