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  • final-rastanews-conference

    Final RAstaNEWS Conference / 28-01-2016

    On January 28th, 2016, ISPI hosted the Final RAstaNEWS Conference. The Conference “Rebalancing the Eurozone: Towards a New Economic Future” was kicked off by a welcome address by Giancarlo Aragona (President, ISPI) and Marianne Paasi (DG Research and Innovation, European ...

  • second-rastanews-executive-briefing

    Second RAstaNEWS Executive Briefing / 03-12-2015

    The Second RAstaNEWS Executive Briefing (EB) was organized by the Italian Institute for International Political Studies (ISPI) and held at CEPS premises (Brussels) on December 3rd, 2015.  The EB aimed at  stimulating  dialogue  and  engaging  academics,  ...

  • second-rastanews-conference

    Second RAstaNEWS Conference / 13-03-2015

    On March 13th, 2015, ISPI hosted the Second RAstaNEWS Conference. The Conference “Eurozone in the Doldrums: Escaping the Fate of Recurring Crises” (watch the first and second part) was opened by Patrizio Tirelli (University of Milan-Bicocca), coordinator of the RAstaNEWS ...

  • high-inequality-and-its-impact-on-the-economy

    High Inequality and Its Impact on the Economy / 05-03-2014

    Francesco Saraceno has a new policy brief out on the impact of increasing inequality on economic growth.You can read the policy brief here. Saraceno argues that increasing inequality had deep macroeconomic consequences as it contributed, in combination with credit institutions, to either ...

  • inflation-as-a-public-finance-tool

    Inflation as a public finance tool / 20-01-2014

    Giovanni Di Bartolomeo, Patrizio Tirelli and Nicola Acocella have a new paper out! The authors challenge the widely held belief that New-Keynesian models cannot predict optimal positive inflation rates. The paper also contradicts the view that the optimal (i.e. Ramsey) policy should minimize ...

  • first-rastanews-conference

    First RAstaNEWS Conference / 15-01-2014

    On January 14th, ISPI hosted the First RAstaNEWS Conference. “More Europe: Letting the Euro Work at Full Speed” (watch the video of the Conference) was attended, among other distinguished speakers, by the Italian Minister of Economy and Finances, Fabrizio Saccomanni, and by the ...

  • oil-and-the-macroeconomy

    Oil and the macroeconomy / 14-01-2014

    Claudio Morana has a new paper out investigating the relationship between oil prices and macroeconomic business cycles. Following below is an extended abstract, while you can read the full paper here.   Extended abstract Since the 1990s, the literature has focused on different features ...

  • new-rastanews-paper

    New RAstaNEWS Paper / 29-11-2013

    On November 29th, RAstaNEWS published its latest Policy-Focussed Publication. In this paper, Francesco Passarelli and Antonio Villafranca analyze the causes and consequences of the EMU governance reforms, addressing some important 'flaws' in the way the crisis was tackled by EU governments ...

  • special-rastanews-session-at-mmf-2013

    Special RAstaNEWS Session at MMF 2013 / 15-10-2013

    On 11 September 2013, RAstaNEWS partners organized a special session at the 45th Annual Money Macro and Finance Conference (11-13 September) which was held at London's Queen Mary University. The Rastanews special session on Financial Crises focused on the recent supbrime and ...

  • new-rastanews-paper

    New RAstaNEWS Paper / 11-07-2013

    On July 11th, RAstaNEWS published its latest Policy-Focussed Publication. In this paper, Franco Bruni and Andrea Papetti advance an important proposal concerning the overhaul of the ECB's TARGET system. The proposal aims at restoring banking credit to the real economy. You can read all about it ...

  • first-rastanews-workshop

    First RAstaNEWS Workshop / 25-06-2013

    On June 25th, PISM (the Polish Institute of International Affairs) held a closed-door scientific workshop titled “Membership in the Reforming Euro Area: The CEE Perspective”. At stake was the issue of the euro area enlargement to the CEE countries, with a special focus on Poland, the ...

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