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Eurozone Enlargement in Times of Crisis


RAstaNEWS partner PISM just produced an important volume, "Eurozone Enlargement in Times of Crisis: Challenges for the V4 Countries", which you can access and download here.

The publication, edited by Agata Gostyńska, Paweł Tokarski, Patryk Toporowski and Damian Wnukowski, aims at addressing the national debate in those CEE countries that have yet to decide whether to adopt the euro as a currency, and therefore whether to enter the Eurozone or not. As the Introduction clearly states, "in Hungary, the Czech Republic and Poland, the euro has become an issue in national politics. Yet, further consolidation of the euro area affects eurozone outsiders and poses a risk of the CEE countries becoming marginalised in the decision-making process".

Tackling the crux of this dilemma is the main issue of this publication, which collects 11 contributions from CEE and non-CEE authors alike.

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